The technology program at Saddle River Day School supports our mission: “To inspire each child to achieve personal and academic excellence and to become a caring and ethical contributor to society”. Student outcomes and experiences are at the core of our decisions regarding purchases and implementing new software and hardware. Learning doesn't rely on technology at SRDS; it is just one tool that can be used and integrated in the established curriculum. We are careful to ask the question - "Does this (tech tool whether it be an iPad or specific program) help the student learn?" as we integrate technology and computer skills into core lessons across the curriculum in all divisions.

Although technology is just one tool that is integrated into the curriculum, it can be powerful and support academic excellence. Laptops, microphones, video cameras, online resources and iPad apps can help teachers differentiate their content delivery methods to reach every student. Students, in turn, have various vehicles to demonstrate their understanding, and are able to choose the most effective ways to show what they know.

Technology at SRDS engages students visually, cognitively, emotionally, socially and ethically in facets of the academic context. The technology program empowers students by giving them professional tools to use, as well as leadership and creative opportunities such as producing and broadcasting their own news shows across campus and organizing tech demonstrations for parents and students.

Students from K-12th grade practice their digital literacy skills and build their digital fluency through the use of various digital devices. They use these tools to gather, evaluate, organize and apply information they collect. Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using digital resources. They use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively. Students at SRDS also use technology to explore, understand and communicate with communities outside their own.
Whether it is an interactive SMARTboard lesson illustrating a concept in AP Biology, practicing geography skills with a class in another state through a mystery Skype or watching a student’s hieroglyph design become an object printed on a 3D printer, technology can help build connections from textbook to real life and from campus to anywhere in the world. In this way, technology also supports the idea of becoming caring and ethical contributors to society. Students and teachers may choose to use Google Tools to collaborate with each other and organize community service events or use video to capture and communicate what is important in their lives. The technology program at SRDS relies on students, teachers and curriculum to guide growth and integration.

We have established a student technology committee comprised of student representatives from Grades 6 – 12, Rebels 404, who will meet with the technology directors regularly and begin to shape the future of technology at SRDS. Ideas borne from this committee’s research will contribute to the overall Strategic Plan. Students will also sit on the Strategic Planning Committee and weigh in on decisions about BYOD, preferred platform, student productivity tools, study spaces on campus, etc.

SRDS promotes an open computing environment in which students are provided use of the latest software applications for everything from educational learning tools to graphic design and video editing to business productivity.  Current generation Macintosh, Windows, and Chrome devices run the latest operating systems and have high-speed Internet access.  Strict firewall policies keeps our network safe.

Here are just some of the resources we currently offer our students:

  • A modern computer graphics lab features iMacs running Adobe Creative Suite applications, offers large-format color printing and scanning capabilities, and provides students with cutting-edge interactive tablets.
  • What good are graphics tools without the ability to capture great source material? SRDS has digital cameras, professional HD video cameras, GoPro cameras and compact FlipCams for student use. We also have tripods, lights and microphones for producing student work.
  • Lower school students have 1:1 Chromebooks in grades 3-5,  and iPads in all grades K-5 loaded with the latest educational apps in their classrooms. They also have Lego robotics kits, Beebots, Robot Turtles and Osmo systems to integrate with various lessons.
  • Classrooms throughout K-12 feature the latest SmartBoard technology for interactive, integrated lessons.
  • The “REBEL VISION” Production Studio, where students produce a LIVE weekly newscast and talk show, broadcasts via Livestream on the SRDS channel. There is a green screen for chromakey overlay and several digital video cameras for student use.
  • IDEAS Lab - Students have access to three 3-D printers, a 3-D scanner, circuit kits, Little Bits electronics kits, Makey Makey boards, Arduino and Lilypad boards, a sewing machine, LEDs, Capacitors, Conductive Thread, robotics kits, etc. They are able to use these materials and more to create models, prototypes, wearable tech, etc. for school projects.
  • The library in North Hall provides Macintosh desktop computers for student use. There are also three high-tech collaboration spaces, each equipped with six USB ClickShare wireless A/V Streamer Buttons. Two rooms have 65” LCD flat monitors, while the third room has a 65” Interactive SMART monitor. The rooms can be tethered together with one media source using a switcher, or they can function individually.  Students can gather with laptops or mobile devices and using the ClickShare buttons or the ClickShare App, they are able to stream the picture and sound from their device to one or more of the monitors. The idea for this space is to allow for collaboration and sharing of material, data, presentations, other media and more.
  • Laptop carts in each building provide Chromebook laptops for students to check out for class and in between academic obligations.
  • A state-of-the-art, campus-wide WiFi solution provides secure, high-speed connectivity for students, faculty, and visitors, and supports the complete range of mobile devices ranging from laptops to smart phones to tablet computers/iPads.
  • BYOD – SRDS is currently a Bring Your Own Device school, supporting student needs & preferences for Macintosh, Windows, and Chrome devices.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to technology and we are excited about what the future holds at Saddle River Day School.

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