The SRDS Summer Program, Rebel Rays will be a fantastic experience for students entering grades Pre-K-6 in the fall of 2018. Children will be split up into three groups, PreK-K, 1-3 and 4-6. Each group will have an assigned counselor who will travel with them to each workshop. With exciting, enriching classes and fun-filled summer activities, students will learn, engage and socialize with friends and teachers in the early weeks of summer. 

The program runs for three consecutive weeks as follows:

Week 1: June 12 - June 15; $450
Week 2: June 18 - June 22; $550
Week 3: June 25 - June 29; $550

The day starts with yoga at 8:15am. Workshops begin at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm

Mad Science - Ms. Rivers
Ever tried inflating a balloon without using air? Or wondered if a packet of Ketchup can float in water? Explore these thoughts and more with Ms. Rivers in the science lab this summer! You will further your understanding of science through fun, hands-on experiments. You will also, "become a scientist" by forming hypotheses and conclusions based on your own research. 

Racquet Rockets Tennis - Coach Ken Alrutz
This workshop utilizes courts sized to young players, age-appropriate rackets, and low-compression tennis balls, which enable the campers to experience this "game for a lifetime" tailored to their abilities and physical needs. While Coach Ken offers daily basic instruction, his emphasis is always on exercise and fun! 

Imagination and Creation - Mrs. Hollies
Students will meet in the IDEAS Lab to explore coding, robotics, 3D design/printing, Little Bits curcuits, game design, wearble tech and new inventions! They will participate in hands-on activities that involve writing, designing, producing, coding, creating and building. Students will watch their ideas and inventions come to life as models and prototypes.

The Art Party - Ms. Keary
Explore, create and expand your imagination while learning about the great artists and their techniques. Get ready to tie dye, use nature to create unique works of art, paint, sculpt and decoupage. This colorful and engaging art class provides limitless possibilites to use your imagination. The fun is in the procees, not the product. 

Theater and Dance - Ms. Danzinger
Lights, camera, action! Come join as we dance out way through the summer and participate in engaging ways to perform and act. We will be teaching short dance routines and theater experiences. This is all about embracing out creativity and building confidence. Let's have some fun! 

Sports and Games - Coach Anthony Gallo & Ms. Megan Thomas
During our Sports and Games workshop children will be playing their favorite PE games outdoors. You won't want to miss out on the beautiful weather, music, and exciting games. Certain games may include soccer, handball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and capture the flag.
This workshop is the perfect combination of exercise and fun.


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