Spotlight on Success Zachary Frey '11: From Stage Visions to Algorithms

After graduating from Tufts University in 2015 with a degree in Quantitative Economics, Zach was accepted into a leadership program at State Street Corporation.

Recognizing industry and global trends, he decided it would be a wise and imperative decision to get some coding experience and skill. So on top of his trading responsibilities, he enrolled in a 20-week specialization program through Duke University to learn Java programming. The course was tremendous and for his final project, he built from scratch a system about movie recommendations based upon data. Combining what he had learned about markets with what he learned in programming, Zach was able to expand into algorithmic trading. Since then, he has written and tested strategies on Quantopian, a website and out-sourcing hedge fund that provides historical data and an application program interface to write trade algorithms. Zach says, "If I succeed in writing a great algorithm I will be very happy, but regardless I think I can take what I've learned, both my technical markets, trading, and algorithmic investing knowledge as well as my entrepreneurial and business owner's mindset, and add value to a more established firm. I think I'm really fortunate that I have a passion for a very pertinent and applicable subject matter in markets, economics, and trading."
Over the past year Zach worked as a Portfolio Manager and Market Strategist for Boom Capital, a financial investments and trading firm with one discretionary trading fund that invests in equities, options, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and futures. He recently accepted a position working for Morgan Stanley in the Institutional Equities Division as an Equity Derivatives Sales Trader.
As a student at SRDS, Zachary was involved in numerous aspects of campus life, including student leadership, athletics and many leading roles on the SRDS stage. He credits SRDS for giving him the tools for his succes thus far: "Saddle River Day had a huge impact on me. The smaller size provided a unique ability to allow every student the attention he or she needed to be prepared for the “big” moments. In addition, I experienced first hand how Saddle River Day’s active, encouraging community allowed me to partake in various activities, groups, and opportunities. They say that success happens when 'opportunity meets preparation.' My days as an SRDS student certainly provided both the opportunities and the preparation I needed to pursue my passions. I am incredibly grateful to all of the people there who taught me so much and never wavered in their faith and support of my goals."

Zach's youngest brother Solomon just graduated last Spring - the last of four in the family to attend SRDS - and is currently in his first year at Boston University. 

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