Students Go Behind the Scenes of Food Network Show "The Kitchen"

RebelVision students were on set of The Kitchen to watch live production of the show.

SRDS is passionately committed to preparing students not only for college, but for life beyond formal education through innovative real life experiences. The school offers a Film and Production course to students that teaches them how to film and produce a professional television show in our RebelVision Studio. As part of the course work this year, students took a field trip with Director of Technology, Laura Hollis and SRDS' own Chef Mark Carter to watch first-hand a taping of the Food Network's show The Kitchen. Ms. Hollis reflects on the trip: 

"I enjoyed seeing the students ask questions about the show and also share their knowledge about production with each other. I think they were surprised by some things like how big the set was and how much camera and lighting equipment were required to produce a show like The Kitchen. The hosts were very friendly and spoke to our group during breaks and we even got to meet the special guests, Fabio Viviani and Bobby Flay. The audience director, Brielle, was incredibly attentive to us and happily answered our questions. The students heard new production terms like, 'beauty shot, producer walk through, last looks and pick up shots.' They recognized some things to be very familiar such as the production run down, camera moves and shot composition choices. Students were able to take photos (no video) of the show behind the scenes and even got to taste some of the food featured on the episode. The production assistant was impressed with our students knowledge and their professionalism and have invited us back any time to see another taping. The episode we saw (episode #1508) will air on December 2nd."

Senior Rebecca said, "
I thought that it was really interesting to see how this show was produced. I didn’t realize how much crew and help was actually needed for a show that seems as simple as The Kitchen. It gave perspective to the levels of film and what we are doing in the RebelVision Studio didn't seem so complicated after all. I think it inspired all of us to go back to campus and do something really cool!"

8th Grader Brielle said, "One production term we learned was 'beauty shot' which was a shot of the food that had just been prepared. It took a lot of time and patience because the shot needed to be just perfect."

Sophomore Davis was impressed by the number of parts to produce one single episode. He couldn't believe how large the cameras were and how many they needed to get every angle possible. Layne, a freshman, was excited to meet the stars including Chefs Bobby Flay and Fabio Viviani and even got to sample some of the food that was prepared on the show. "They were so friendly and answered all the questions the students had," she added.

Experiences such as this continue to be a hallmark of the SRDS experience where students actively engage in real world projects that prepare them for college and beyond.

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