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The Pre-K 4's and Kindergarten provide a nurturing environment promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of each child. It is our belief that children are unique individuals and we embrace their individuality. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum meets the varied needs of our students providing them with a personalized learning experience.

The Pre-K screening and Kindergarten Assessment date will be Friday, January 19th this year. Please contact Kris Sweeny, to RSVP.


Literacy/Language Arts

Children are engaged in daily activities that develop phonological awareness to build a strong foundation for reading. Exposure to quality literature, nursery rhymes, songs and poems further enhances each child’s awareness of the sounds of language. Through a multisensory approach, students are exposed to the alphabet, letter names and sounds. They learn the concepts of print, build vocabulary and language skills, and develop listening skills.


Children actively explore the world through scientific observations and experimentation. Units of study include insect life, plant life, animals and weather. Through inquiry based learning, students gain an understanding of the world around them.


Children develop an awareness of numbers and mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and the use of manipulatives. They are introduced to counting, number recognition, number writing, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, shapes, colors, as well as sorting and comparing. Concepts spiral through the year with students building upon prior knowledge and expanding their thinking to build a solid foundation of math concepts.

World Language

Children will be introduced to Spanish. Throughout the year, students will engage in storybooks, games and activities that reinforce the subject matter.

Art & Music

Art is a creative process that encourages children to explore their imagination. Our art program encourages individuality and free expression through painting, coloring, and cutting. In music, students will learn by singing, creating sound and movement to develop musical skills. The focus in the arts is on the process, and not the final product.


Students will receive a general introduction to age-appropriate technology in the classroom setting. Students are introduced to more formal technology such as iPads and Google Chromebooks in K.


  • Full day tuition is $12,750; part time is $10,750; flexible payment options are available through the FACTS program (fees will include tuition insurance at 1.6%).
  • Full day students will have the opportunity to participate in the after care program, RebeLeap for additional cost.
  • Students will bring their own snacks every day (please no nuts or nut products). As an option, students may purchase lunch daily through the school or bring their own. Recess will be held on the playground, weather permitting. Students will also participate in physical education two times per week outside or in the lower level of Main Hall.
  • SRDS employs a full time nurse for all students, Pre-K – 12.  
    Any health concerns should be directed to Mrs. Hanna –
  • Pre-K students will not be required to wear a uniform.
  • Pre-K applicants must be age 4 by September 1st of entry year.
  • Kindergarten applicants must be age 5 by September 15th of entry year.


The following information is required to be considered for Pre-K & Kindergarten admission

  1. Online application and a nonrefundable $50 fee; all application fees should be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions.
  2. Pre-K applicants -- please submit online application and register your child for February screening. SRDS also requires a PreK Experience Form to be filled out by a teacher at the current school: PreK Experience Form for Prospective Families
  3. Kindergarten applicants -- please submit online application and register your child for February assessment and one confidential recommendation from current teacher. 


The Pre-K screening and Kindergarten Assessment date will be Friday, January 19th this year
. Please contact Kris Sweeny, to RSVP.

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Ms. Christine Lebovits is an experienced, nurturing teacher who loves what she does! Having earned her Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision at Montclair State University, Lebovits has taught Pre-K at the Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy for the past four years. Her personal philosophy – “Balancing academic, social, and emotional growth is part of the equation at this age, but developing educational values and instilling a love of learning is paramount. Making school a place where our kids want to come every day is of greatest importance to me.”  We are happy to connect prospective families with Ms. Lebovits upon request.

Mrs. Michelle Lanks has been instructing Kindergarten students for nearly 20 years at SRDS. The focus of K is to build independence, respect for others, and to develop a sense of responsibility within each child. The Kindergarten curriculum strives to build skills in all academic and social areas. Students are encouraged to apply knowledge through activities that are connected to their interests and lives. Open communication between students, teachers, and parents is key to a supportive environment where students are “known” and encouraged to take intellectual risks.  We are happy to connect prospective families with Mrs. Lanks upon request.


Part time options:
Mon/Wed/Fri full day from 8:00am-3:00pm 
Tues/Thurs half day from 8:00am-1:00pm

Full Day option
Monday - Friday from 8:00am-3:00pm

RebeLeap Aftercare:
Available Mon-Fri from 3:30pm-5:30pm

Door to door bus transportation is available at an additional cost.

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