List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the average class size?

    Pre-K = 10 students
    Kindergarten = 14 students maximum (1 full time head teacher + 1 full time secondary teacher)
    Grades 1-4 = average of 16-18 students per grade; if enrollment is higher, a secondary teacher will be added
    Grades 5-8 = average of 30 students per grade; average of 16 students in an academic classroom
    Grades 9-12 = average of 50 students per grade; average of 16 students in an academic classroom
  • What is the overall student-to-faculty ratio?

    The overall student-to-faculty ratio is 7 to 1.  

    The Lower School grades have a single classroom teacher per grade, along with three Lower School Secondary Teachers that are designated for specific classes or float as necessary (Pre-K and Kindergarten may have a full time secondary teacher based upon size).  "Specials" teachers are Lower School specific in the areas of Library, Physical Education, Technology, World Language, Art and Music.  A full time Science teacher offers instruction in the new state-of-the-art Science Lab.
  • Are Advanced Placement courses offered?

    Upper level and advanced courses are offered in every academic discipline.  At the end of the year, students are required to take the National AP exam/s. Please visit our Curriculum Guide under "Academics" on the website for further details regarding course offerings.
  • Does Saddle River Day School offer a College Counseling service?

    We offer highly personalized and full service College Counseling for our students and all college applications are managed through the Naviance system. Our Director of College Counseling s a veteran in the field and has established long-term relationships with many of the finest colleges and universities in the country of all sizes. Please see the tab on our website titled "School Life -- College Counseling" for further details regarding the process and a list of where SRDS students have been accepted and are attending.  For specific information, you may contact Ms. Karen Ferretti, ext. 1312.
  • What kind of advisory, counseling, and academic support are offered?

    Our advisory and couseling services are key components of the Saddle River Day School program.  There is a Guidance Counselor on campus, as well as a homeroom Advisor assigned to every student.  These counselors are actively involved with the students every day as they walk the halls during lunch or free time and interact positively with the students.  

    The Peer Leadership/Mentor Program, RebeLeaders, is organized by the Guidance Office in conjunction with faculty advisor/s. Numerous community building activities are offered throughout the year. Students meet with their Advisors and Peer Leaders/Mentors on a regular basis to read announcements, conduct group discussions on current issues, celebrate accomplishments or just enjoy some "down time" during their busy days. 

    Saddle River Day School currently has a two full time Learning Specialists as part of the program.  In addition, the small class sizes and low student/teacher ratio have enabled many a student to be successful, even in a rigorous college-preparatory environment.  Positive student-faculty relationships enhance the experience for all students and are a hallmark of a Saddle River Day School education.
  • Where do Saddle River Day School students go on to college and university?

    Graduates of Saddle River Day School are going to some of the finest colleges and universities in the country through a very personalized college counseling process (see section entitled "College Counseling - College Matriculation" under the "School Life" tab on our website for a recent list of schools).
  • How much homework will my child/ren have?

    Typically, homework is given every night, but does vary from division to division.

    Lower School
    Homework is given beginning in Kindergarten, approximately 15-20 minutes per evening and never on weekends.  As students progress through the grades, homework will be increased and may be required over weekends as well.  Letter grades are given in Grade 4 and up.  Standardized ERB testing is administered to students in Grades 2-4 in January every year.

    Middle School
    Middle School students begin to follow a departmentalized curriculum beginning in Grade 6.  Homework assignments may take approximately 15-20 minutes per class a night for regular College-Prep level courses or 20-30 minutes for Honors level classes.  Standardized ERB testing is administered to students in Grades 5-8 in January every year. Final exams are given as follows: Grade 6 - one hour exam; Grade 7 - 1-1/2 hour exam; Grade 8 - full two hour exam.

    Upper School
    Upper School students follow a traditional college-preparatory curriculum.  Homework averages 20-30 minutes per class a night for regular College-Prep level courses or 30-40 minutes per class for Honors or Advanced Placement level classes.  A full two-hour final exam is given for all Upper School students.  Students who take AP level courses are required to take the National AP Exams each year.


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the hours at Saddle River Day School?

    School officially begins at 8:00 am for all divisions and ends at 3:20. The Lower division staggers dismissal, starting at 3:00 with the Pre-K and Kindergarten to 3:20 for Grade 4. Buses leave the campus at 3:30.

    Classes rotate on a 5-day schedule in the Middle and Upper divisions, offering variety and flexibility for student course selections.
  • What type of lunch program does Saddle River Day School offer?

    The lunch program is a mandatory fee-based meal plan, payable in two equal installments prior to the start of the school year and mid-year (fees vary from grade to grade based on estimated consumption). Menus include hot food items, a deli sandwich bar, full salad bar, dessert selection, fresh fruits daily, and juice, milk or water for drinks. Special dietary accommodations can be made upon request. A monthly menu of offerings is available on the SRDS website for meal planning purposes.
  • Is there a dress code?

    Saddle River Day School has uniform requirements in the Lower division, a relaxed uniform in Middle, and a "dress code" in the Upper division. Guidelines can be found under the "School Life -- Middle/Upper School" information.
  • When does the school year begin and end? How often will my child/ren receive grades?

    The school year begins typically with a New Student Orientation on the Tuesday after Labor Day and the first day of classes on the Wednesday.

    Beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year, Saddle River Day School will move
    from a semester calendar to a trimester calendar. As a mission centered institution,
    it is our priority to encourage intellectual risk taking and instill a love of learning.
    By moving to a trimester system, we will be able to offer a wider array of
    coursework in each discipline as well as encourage students to challenge themselves
    in new areas of study. First trimester grades will now be considered mid-year
    grades and second trimester grades will be furnished upon request to college
    admissions representatives.

    The first trimester ends right before Thanksgiving break and the second one at the end of February. Report cards are distributed three times per year (letter grades are given beginning in Grade 4).

    The last day of classes is typically the first Friday in June for the Middle and Upper divisions with exams held the last week of school. Moving Up ceremonies for Grades 4 & 8 are typically held at the end of the year following the final day of classes. Commencement is generally held toward the end of May (see school calendar for specific dates).
  • Is there transportation provided to Saddle River Day School?

    Transportation is provided to New Jersey State residents and commutable areas in Rockland County by a private bus company. The bus will pick your child/ren up and drop them off at your front door.  Buses depart the campus at 3:30 every day. Fees for transportation are in addition to the tuition. 

    Transportation for students from certain New York State districts is provided in many towns within a particular mileage radius (contact your local NY Board of Ed for further details).
  • Is a student visit mandatory for all applicants? What should I expect during my visit?

    It is recommended that students do a shadow visit during the Admission process. This is the best way for a student to experience a day at Saddle River Day School. It also allows us a chance to get to know you and your child/ren. An informal interview with the Divisional Head is typically included as part of the visitation day. Visiting students for the Middle and Upper Schools are asked to arrive by 8:45 am and will remain through lunch (1:00).

    In the Lower School, students will visit in their current grade with a "buddy" for the day.  The Lower School teacher/s will conduct an informal 1:1 student assessment during the day. In the Middle and Upper Schools, visitors will shadow a host student in their current grade. Students applying for Grades 5 and 9 will visit with the grade/s they are entering in order to experience the Middle or Upper divisions first-hand.  Students may also be asked to submit a writing sample during their stay.  A formal online application must be made prior to visitation. This will enable us to start a file for the student in the Admissions Office and will aid in matching a visiting student with a host student that may have similar academic and/or extra-curricular interests. 

    Students should come dressed in neat, appropriate attire for their visitations (no jeans please) -- see the "Student Handbook -- Dress Code" guidelines under the tab "School Life" on the website.  Lunch will be provided in the cafeteria for visiting students free of charge.
    We look forward to welcoming you and your child/ren to campus.


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of extracurricular activities are offered? Are they required?

    There are many extracurricular activities that a student can participate in at Saddle River Day.  Interscholastic athletics are offered in the Middle and Upper School. Our Varsity teams compete in the NJIC (North Jersey Interscholastic Conference). 

    There are also wonderful opportunities to participate in the Performing Arts, through the orchestra, chamber ensemble, jazz ensemble, concert choir, the Rebel Tones show choir, and two major dramatic performances a year -- the Fall drama and the Spring musical (auditions are open to students in Grade 9 and above based on the show).  

    Lower and Middle School students also have ample opportunity to be part of vocal and instrumental productions by participating in two concerts per year.  In addition to the dramatic performances, there are numerous other clubs and activities, such as numerous technology clubs, Student Council, SRDS Rebel Ambassadors, the Rebel Report student newspaper, the annual publication of Mimesis (an award-winning collection of student art and literary works), Ted-Ed, the production of our award-winning yearbook Retrospect, multiple community service organizations, annual art show and Unplugged Cafe, Ultimate Frisbee, and ping-pong club just to name a few.  

    New programs in digital arts and video production/broadcasting are now available as part of the RebelVision team. While these activities are not required, you'll find a high level of student-participation at Saddle River Day School.
  • Does Saddle River Day School offer an after-school program?

    The after school program, RebeLeap is offered, Monday-Friday to students in grades K-5.  Hours are from dismissal until 5:30 daily.  Students have the opportunity to do homework, work on special projects, participate in activities or just relax and enjoy some "down time" at the end of a busy day.  The program is coordinated and supervised by a Lower School instructor and is flexible for families to choose what might work best for their individual needs. 

    Additional RebeLeap clubs - taught by SRDS faculty and staff - will be offered to students by trimester.  These clubs will run for an hour after school from 3:30-4:30 and have included offerings such as chess club, technology & robotics, art, music, cooking, general sports through Grade 5, etc. (specific offerings to be announced each trimester).

    For further information regarding RebeLeap, refer to the "Student Life -- Lower School" section of our website or contact the Office of the Lower School Dean.
  • What role can parents play at Saddle River Day School?

    The Parents Guild is an active and vibrant part of the SRDS community! Our parents assist in classroom activities, serve as chaperones for class trips and volunteers for many events on campus.  They also organize such events as the annual gala, faculty/staff and student appreciation day/s, Ladies Night Out and various social/hospitality committees.  For more information regarding these opportunities, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Is there much opportunity for me to communicate with my child/rens teachers and advisors? How do I go about this?

    SRDS's low student/teacher ratio allows great access for our families to communicate directly with teachers and advisors on a regular basis.  In addition, the Office of Communication sends information to families to inform them of campus events and opportunities regularly.  Email is generally the easiest way to communicate and your child/rens teachers will respond quickly and effectively.  Our faculty will work closely with you to ensure your child/ren are getting the attention they need and that your questions are being answered as quickly as possible.

    In addition to the personal, hands-on communication, the school has many avenues in place to keep you informed about your child/rens progress.  The school website offers a parent portal for updates and pertinent information as well as password-protected postings of homework assignments by academic class in the Middle and Upper divisions.  Teacher comments and report cards are available online.  The school operates on a trimester basis.  Individual appointments can also be made with faculty members to discuss student progress.  You will find that developing a personal relationship with your student's teacher/s is the rule rather than the exception at Saddle River Day School.

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