Faculty Spotlight

Michael Warrener

Mr. Michael Warrener
Joined SRDS Community:  2019
Degrees:  B.S., Math & Physics, Union College; M.Sci. & M.Phil., Astronomy, Yale Univ.
US Physics and Geometry

How has your degree at Yale prepared you to teach at SRDS?  
Yale has a history of training up future leaders of the world, and that definitely has shaped the way I approach teaching. The scientific and mathematical literacy gained by students who pass through my classroom will affect future business leaders, government employees, entrepreneurs, and scientists. It is my privilege to help inspire a love and respect for analytical thinking in each and every one of them.

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Kathy Philipp

Ms. Kathy Philipp
Joined SRDS Community:  1985
Degrees:  B.A., English & Theater; M.A., Teaching, Duke Univ.
8th Grade and US English (11-12 Hon and AP)

What are some of your fondest memories from teaching at SRDS?  
I love being a part of SRDS and participating in its evolution over the last thirty years. At the beginning of my tenure, I was not much older than the students, so my relationship was more like that of an older “wiser” sibling -- and I was one of the younger faculty members. Now I am the age of many of their grandparents and I hope they see me as still wise but more venerable! One memory that stands out is watching the son of one of my original students graduate...

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