Our Community

our community

Our parents describe Saddle River Day School as 
“a community that feels like family.”

Main Hall certainly looks the part, with warm wood floors, fireplaces in classrooms and snow boots lining the hall in winter. But what makes SRDS truly feel like “home” for children from Pre-K through grade 12 and their families is the genuine sense of community.

Saddle River Day School is an extraordinary kind of community—one where Chef Mark will recreate a special dish on a student’s birthday from a grandmother’s recipe. Where teachers give up their lunch breaks to work one-on-one with students.

And where students and teachers bundle care packages for new alumni starting their first year of college. It’s also a place where educators and parents join together to make great ideas happen, where priorities are determined by educational outcomes—not by standardized tests or budgets—and where, above all else, we do whatever’s best for the kids.

At graduation, parents and teachers look on proudly as seniors take the stage as caring, ethical citizens who have made the transition from students to scholars.

Upcoming Events

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