Inaugural Upper School Mini Course Offerings are a Success!

For four days, Upper School students experienced a wide variety of "mini course" offerings.

As part of the continued effort to give students "experiential" learning opportunities, Upper School students participated in a wide variety of "mini course" offerings for four days after the Thanksgiving break.

Based upon a student poll conducted last Spring, SRDS faculty members developed course content with the goal of teaching important skills such as creativity, critical thinking, research, collaboration, applied learning, and public speaking. Students were given the opportunity to select a mini course that appealed to them for the 4-day session. The mini courses culminated with students presenting their projects to peers, teachers, and community members. Course offerings included:

Create Your Own Music!
The World Through my Eyes: Writing Poetry and Fiction
How to Win an Argument: An Introduction to Debate
Italian-French Sweets, Chats, & Films
Mascot Design: the Once & Future Rebel
The Middle Way: a Nature Trail
Robo-Car Clean Up Activity
Sports Medicine
Virtual Escape from SRDS!
40 Hour Film Contest
50 Shades of Blue -- influence of the color blue throughout history

Student feedback was highly favorable to continue this experience into the future.

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