Spotlight on Success: Sabrina Waxenberg '15 Continues to Explore her Passions at Skidmore College

Sabrina instantly realized how a place like SRDS valued the importance of strong academic and real-world preparation through teachers that showed a deep committment to the success of their students.

Sabrina Waxenberg transferred to Saddle River Day School her Sophomore year of high school from a large public school in NY state. 
She was a student who wanted to take full advantage of everything that Saddle River Day had to offer. She took her first formal art class where she was inspired by long-time SRDS art teacher Ms. Alice Steinke. Ms. Steinke encouraged Sabrina to follow her passion and take more challenging art courses in addition to her academic studies. By the time Sabrina graduated, she was recognized for excellence in the Visual Arts as well as for Math. In addition to these pursuits, she became actively involved in several campus clubs and teams including Girls Lacrosse, Mimesis, Community Service Club, Art Club, Rebel Leaders, Yearbook, Prom Committee, and Hiking Club. She also fell in love with the Spanish language and culture, a passion that has heavily influenced her college experiences as she studies Business and Spanish at Skidmore College.

Her love for being actively involved has continued into college. Sabrina serves as the Vice President of the Ski Team and is involved in several other clubs on campus, including Women in Business. This semester, she is studying with the Skidmore-Tufts program in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Living abroad has allowed her to experience the Spanish culture through immersion. While in Alcalá de Henares, she had an internship at a gourmet wine and food store. The owner of the store was an amazing mentor and gave Sabrina great inspiration to continue to pursue her passions when she returns to the United States.

While in Spain, Sabrina was awarded the prestigious position of Mogul President of Skidmore College. is an award winning, worldwide social media platform for women with over 18 million viewers a week that enables women to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. Her diversity of interests and keen leadership skills made her a natural choice for this opportunity.

Sabrina credits Saddle River Day for preparing her so well for the next chapter of her life. In addition to being well-prepared academically, she believes the smaller size provided a unique ability for her to take advantage of many different opportunities and that it allows all its students the attention they need to be prepared for what lies ahead. She is certain that this confidence will continue to follow her as she graduates from college in a few years and wherever her path may lead.

    • Sabrina and her brother Jack Waxenberg, Class of 2019.

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