Kids in Orchestra Playing string instruments

SRDS has a dynamic and diverse instrumental music program that provides a solid foundation of the skills needed to play an instrument and to perform with it in an ensemble. Instruction begins in the Lower School, continues through the Middle School, and culminates with our students participating in our Upper School Band, Jazz Ensemble, String Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble.

The choral program is designed to provide the opportunity for each student in grades pK-12 to learn the proper vocal techniques and skills needed to perform various vocal repertoire. Special emphasis is placed on learning rudimentary skills such as proper air support, proper resonance, sight-reading, audible acuity, blending, style, and showmanship. Participation in an SRDS choir provides opportunities for the students to express their personal creativity, build their self-esteem, learn self-discipline, and master a variety of skills which can be applied to their lives both on and off the stage.

Performing Arts By Division