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Performing, creating, and responding to art are fundamental processes in which humans engage.  Through the arts, our students feel the joy, energy and freedom of expressing themselves fully. 

SRDS provides ample opportunity for students to develop as artists—both in the dramatic, vocal and instrumental, and visual arts. Across all art disciplines, we encourage creative expression, instruct proper technique and build self-confidence in our students. More than 14 courses are offered each year in studio art, graphic arts, dance, vocal and instrumental music and theater, and the arts are often incorporated in academic study through STEAM.

We believe that not only are the arts worthy of study in themselves, but that creative expression leads students to become perceptive, inventive and able to interpret information in an entirely different way. Studio art, vocal and instrumental music, and the theater are integral to the educational program. SRDS students are inspired as dancers, actors and musicians by a faculty of passionate professionals across all three divisions. All students will find options to explore here and dedicated artists have every chance to excel. Through visual and performing arts, students develop a way of thinking that functions beyond the studio, music room, or stage into other areas of the curriculum. Our location near New York City offers world-class opportunities to experience the arts through trips to museums, artists' homes, graphic design and advertising agencies, film and animation firms, galleries and college art departments.

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The 2018 MIMESIS student publication has been awarded First Place by the American Scholastic Press Association.