Upper School

Saddle River High School Students

Students in the Upper School study a wide range of integrated topics grounded in our five academic majors – English, social studies, mathematics, science and world language. They engage in innovative cross-curricular activities, 20+ Advanced Placement and college-level courses, and specialized electives that allow them to pursue their unique individual academic interests. In collaboration with our academic majors, an expansive Arts program and the latest video, graphics, and design technology combine to enhance student creativity and the design thinking that is essential to the SRDS core model for learning.

A safe and nurturing school community provides opportunities for our students to learn responsibility, pursue their individual interests, and become thoughtful, independent citizens. Each student graduates with the tools and skills to succeed within a variety of college and real-world environments.  A few of our core tenets include:

Students are known and supported.
A frequent description heard from our families is that our teachers, advisors, and staff know and support each one of our students.  Small class sizes, classroom settings that foster discussion, passionate teachers that challenge and mentor their students, and peers that enthusiastically encourage each other all contribute to this sentiment.
With guidance from their teachers, advisors, department chairs, school counselor, the Director of College Counseling, Dean of Academics, and the Dean of the Upper School, students are encouraged to discover their unique paths and become their best selves. We emphasize enhancing the student experience through a personalized process that starts with the new student orientation and continues all the way through the intricacies of the college admissions process. Upper School students feel supported when they are with us and prepared when they leave us.

Intellectual curiosity and learning.
Integrated technologies, interdisciplinary instruction, and extended teaching blocks allow students the opportunity to explore deep questions and develop the intellectual curiosity essential for lifelong learning in the 21st century. Our students become conscientious and effective citizens through the study of world languages and a global humanities curriculum. They use problem-based learning, laboratory settings, and real-world applications to advance math and science understanding while enhancing their written and oral communication skills.  Students take risks in visual and performing arts, and produce stunningly high-quality works of personal expression. Teachers of all disciplines engage students through the use of essential questions – pushing learners to contemplate and critically analyze the world around them. 

Digital citizens.
We have a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device program and our students utilize their devices as tools to further their own unique learning experiences.  Through our proactive technology program and applications such as Google Docs, Upper School students collaborate, communicate, and learn responsible use of technology.
Learning beyond the classroom.
Our students actively pursue their personal interests and explore new opportunities in community service, athletics, visual and performing arts, clubs, and a variety of co-curricular activities that take them beyond the borders of our campus. Students reach beyond their comfort zones and further their leadership skills by participating in special activities, such as TEDx, Math League, and Mini-course Week, accessing the expertise of content specialists and industry leaders beyond their classrooms. One of the best parts of learning at Saddle River Day School is that the learning never stops at Saddle River Day School.

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