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STEAM integrates the classic sciences of biology, chemistry and physics with the applied sciences of technology and engineering using the languages of art and mathematics. Reflecting real life, STEAM doesn’t segment knowledge into disciplines—it invites students to bring everything they know to bear on a project.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to anticipate what students need to be successful - and to adapt quickly to meet those needs.  Through innovation and individual focus, learning feels challenging and satisfying.

At SRDS, we include state-of-the-art technology in the classroom for the sole purpose of supporting academic excellence.  Student outcomes and experiences are at the core of our decisions regarding technology resources and implementing new software and hardware.  Prior to integrating new technology in Pre-K-Grade 12 curricula, we ask the questions, "How does this help our students learn?"  How can we best prepare them for the changing technology landscape?"

Projections integrate many curricular areas, professions and technologies, and allow for authentic work and assessment that extends beyond school walls. As students engage in research and design and receive feedback from professionals, they develop creative, collaborative, communication and critical thinking skills.  They are empowered with a thorough understanding of how to use technology most effectively to achieve their goals.

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Technology and STEAM News

Fifth Annual TEDxYouth Virtual Event: 2020 VISION

TEDx is an international community that allows local organizers to create their own TED-like events.  TEDxYouth@SRDS provides a forum where students and community members can share their “ideas worth spreading.”