SRDS Spring Break Academy provides students an opportunity to maximize their learning experience beyond the normal school day. Classes are high interest, project-based, and designed for optimum student engagement.

All classes will be conducted in a hybrid format, so students may choose to join in-person or remotely. The Academy will run 9:00AM-1:00PM, Monday-Friday, March 8-12 (Monday to Thursday, March 8-11 for Pre-K - 6). Course registration begins immediately and will continue until March 1 (individual courses may close earlier) -- tuition is $130 for Pre-K - 6 classes or $150 Grades 7-12. Register today for one of the following courses:



Spring Break Academy Courses for Grades Pre-K-6

Course: Creative Kids (Pre-K and K) - Registration is closed - full
The course will have different themed days: Mosaic Monday, Tye Dye Tuesday, Way Back Wednesday, and “That’s Me” Thursdays. The activities include yarn art pictures, tile mosaic frame, tye-dye shirt, pop bead animal keychains, 90’s and 2000’s inspired crafts, and personalized projects.

Course: Creative Kids (Grades 1-3) - Registration is closed - full
The course will have different themed days: Math Monday, Tech Tuesday, Worldly Wednesday, and Trial by Error Thursday! The activities include make a Ten Mosaic, Multiplication City, Design a Restaurant Menu with prices and create a budget for a patron, Coding with Scratch/Bee-Bots/Legos,  read the Lorax, learn about the Clouds/Clouds Viewer craft, design a Cloud Journal, and building engineering projects. 

Course: Full STEAM Ahead (Grades 4-6) - Registration is closed - full
Today’s world needs more innovators with an entrepreneurial mindset!  This course will be overflowing with hands-on,  innovative, and creative academic activities that explore technology, science, mathematics, engineering, art, and imagination.  This fun-filled week will heighten your interest in Science, increase your curiosity and enhance your ability to think creatively.  We will engage in activities involving light and lasers, structural design,  and fluid dynamics. Ideal for students grades 4-6.


Spring Break Academy Courses for Grades 7-12

Producing Short Films for Film Festival Entry (Grades 7-12)
Do you love watching movies? Making videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok? Now is your chance to bring those ideas and stories to life! We will review what makes a great video; investigate film contests and requirements; learn about video equipment, shot composition, and storytelling through video and sound; and produce a film to be submitted to one or more student film festivals. It might be an action sports video, news feature story, music video, comedy, documentary, PSA or even a well-produced and edited influencer video. Work individually or collaboratively and become producer, director, editor in just one week!

Sports Crimes Countdown (Grades 7-12)
Spend the week counting down the most shocking crimes committed by athletes who had it all.  From New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez to the Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius to OJ Simpson's "Crime of the Century," we'll examine the criminal side of sports and investigate verdicts that are still in question today.  Using award winning reporting from Sports Illustrated, ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries, and true crime podcasts, this course has no shortage of conspiracies, cover-ups, scandals, and controversies.  Stop debating the Greatest of All-Time and begin uncovering the Guiltiest of All-Time!

SRDS DIYers: Fundamentals of Woodworking (Grades 7-12)
What is a phillips? No -- not your English teacher. It's a type of screwdriver!  You can put a name to that and other tools and learn how to safely use each of them. This course is designed to introduce students to general woodworking practices like measuring, cutting, sanding, gluing, and the safe use of common woodworking tools. We will cover the basic fundamentals of design, construction, and finishing as students craft their own original woodworking projects. Quality of work and safety are the most important skills learned in the class, so students will walk away with not only a well-built woodworking project but also an understanding of the proper and safe use of the tools of the trade.

Financial Literacy for the 21st Century (Grades 7-12) - Registration is closed - full
Apple Pay, Venmo, Bitcoin -- these are the financial tools of the 21st century. We will talk about all of these as well as how to buy a car (loans, leases, and trades), rent an apartment (leases, utilities, and insurance), and buy property (mortgages, escrow, HOA’s, and investment properties). You will practice managing electronic payments and learn to avoid the traps that they create. Finally, you will learn about legacy financial tools that continue to have value today -- budgets, bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement accounts. This course is meant to prepare students for the real world financial challenges that adults face every day. Whether you want to accumulate great wealth, start and build businesses, or just make an honest living without struggling from paycheck to paycheck, this course is for you!

Story Mapping (Grades 7-12)
Want to spend your spring break geocaching, examining silk WW2 maps, flying a drone around campus, creating geomedicine data, and supporting international humanitarian projects? Students will explore each of these topics in the Story Mapping course! In just one week, students will collect and visualize spatial data and learn to use that data to create engaging, interactive maps -- on and off screen.