Lower School

The Lower School curriculum for Grades Pre-K - Grade 4 is designed to stimulate life-long curiosity and exploration by making learning an engaging process that enables the youngest generation of scholars to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and enduring understandings.

While traditional coursework in language arts, mathematics, science, Spanish, and social studies comprises the foundation of the Lower School curriculum, class activities, lessons, and assessments emphasize experiential learning in an inquiry-based environment.  Every minute of the school day, whether spent inside or outside the classroom, is looked upon as an opportunity for new understanding and growth.  Art and music classes provide outlets for student creativity and self-expression.  Technology and library classes impart foundations in research and library skills.  In addition, all these subjects enrich classroom areas of study through designed integrated units. Daily physical education classes and recess afford opportunities for play, social interaction, and lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.

Historically, Lower School students have enjoyed a seamless transition when they move up to the Middle School in Grade Five. The Fifth Grade program transitions students through a departmentalized curriculum designed to ready our students for the class schedules and intellectual and organizational challenges that await them as they continue in the Middle School.

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