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The hallmark of the SRDS college process has always been the individualized attention that is given to each of our students, counseling each to consider all of their options as well as empowering them to complete their applications which highlight their accomplishments and unique personality traits. - Karen Ferretti, Director of College Counseling

The strength of college guidance at SRDS is in the care and attention given to each student and family.  At SRDS, our families receive expert college guidance that gives our students an advantage in the college admissions process.  Over 100 colleges and universities visit SRDS each fall, and many of the best schools in the country want our students because they know an SRDS grad is an inspired learner who is confident, creative and accomplished.

The college counseling philosophy grows out of an unwavering confidence in our students and their readiness to engage in the transition from high school to college.  We seek to empower students and support them in a decision-making process that should lead to excellent college choices.  Our approach is based on the premise that each student has diverse interests, talents and goals ad that each student requires counseling that is specific to his or her needs.  An open and honest dialogue among students, parents and counselor is an essential part of the college process as students begin to question, reason and reflect upon their interests and aspirations.  In this supportive climate, students make informed decisions based on research, introspection and their ability to demonstrate the skills that they have honed while at Saddle River Day School.

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Director of College Counseling
B.A., Wittenberg University; M.S., Syracuse University
20+ years of College Counseling Experience

Former Positions:
Director of College Counseling, Newark Academy
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Drew University
Asst. Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Syracuse University
Assoc. Director. of College Counseling, Kent Place School

Assistant Director of College Counseling
Social Studies Chair
B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Columbia University

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