Fluor Challenge 2023

Ping Pong Pickup—2023 Engineering Challenge
Can you make a device out of paper, string, tape, and paper clips to pick up a ping pong ball and return it to a start line? What is the greatest distance over which your device can work? Students across the globe are invited to try this challenge and submit their results to be entered (where eligible) in random drawings for $10,000 in prizes. We are excited to see what you build!

Form up as a team (max of 4 team members) or compete on your own!  To learn more, RSVP for ONE of the in-person sessions to be held Monday, March 13 (full) or Thursday, March 16.  Here is more information on what the 2023 version of the Fluor Challenge will entail: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/engineering-challenge.  

Register by Friday, March 10