academics at SRDS

Because we love questions, and more questions. Because when ideas come alive so does our curiosity. We love the type of learning that frees us to work one-on-one or as one. That uses our outdoor voices and our indoor voices. We love the type of learning that blends art, science, math, writing—that’s anything but standard.

We love learning because we love students—all students. Shy ones who become star performers. Bold ones who set their sights on the most competitive colleges or Broadway. The ones who are eager to share their cultures with us. The kind who like to illustrate their math homework. Those who grow from students into scholars.

At Saddle River Day, your child's education begins with an intriguing problem to solve, a story that captivates or a question that provokes curiosity. Small classes allow teachers to stay closely connected with your child's individual progress. SRDS integrates STEAM across academic disciplines, inviting students to find new ways to solve problems. In our IDEAS Lab, students explore electricity with Little Bits kits, create scale models and plastic tools with 3-D printers and learn the basics of internet coding with "Bee-Bots." We use Dimensions Math, a hands-on program that ensures students master mathematical principles, and we provide lessons in Spanish, art and music beginning in Pre-K and continuing throughout the Lower School. The innovative way we teach our graphic arts program has even received nationwide recognition from the National Association of Independent Schools.

The combination of our rigorous curriculum and nurturing environment inspires students to succeed throughout their academic career.  We invite you to learn more about our inspiring teaching and curriculum the emphasizes critical thinking and learning by doing.  

Early Childhood
Pre-K 3 - K

Lower School
Grades 1-4

lower school

Middle School
Grades 5-8

Upper School
Grades 9-12