Welcome from our Head of School

Welcome to Saddle River Day School. I invite you to explore our website and learn about our close-knit community, 21st-century programs that include innovation, a robust curriculum, and a commitment to building character through programs of academics, the arts, and athletics. Our core values of Everyone Counts, Intellectual Risk Taking, and Love of Learning are the foundation of our school community. 

What truly separates SRDS is our commitment to rigorous education and the social and emotional well-being of our students. More specifically, this special student-faculty relationship stems from our commitment to knowing students. The engine of this community is our faculty, who are experts in their fields and in a position to inspire and empower students to become caring and ethical contributors to society.

At SRDS, students receive individual attention in class because of our small class sizes and lower student-teacher ratio. We are passionately committed to preparing students not only to tackle college but to thrive in their lives beyond. By adhering to the practice of deep individual care, nurturing the soul, and challenging the mind, we help students of all ages expand boundaries and catalyze intellectual development. A product of collaborative input, our newest Strategic Vision recognizes that education is not a static endeavor, instead, adapting to the fluid world in which we live.

My daughters attend SRDS Lower and Middle School and view SRDS as their ‘home.’ As parents, my wife and I have personally experienced the SRDS education and the importance of a close-knit community.  Our daughters are challenged as individuals, understanding that skills and maturity grow at different paces. One of the ‘coolest’ things my kids look forward to is interacting with students in the middle and upper schools on a regular basis.

Enjoy exploring our website and discovering more about this wonderful and diverse learning community.  I look forward to seeing you on campus.  

With best wishes,

Jalaj Desai

Head of School
Parent, Class of 2029 and 2032