Upper School Students Travel Off Campus for Spring Career Day

Upper School Students Travel Off Campus for Spring Career Day
Saddle River Day School

Studies show that student engagement increases through experiential learning and that learning accelerates and retention improves.

Experiential learning can also improve attitudes toward learning. One of the hallmarks of an SRDS education includes engagement in experiential learning through exposure to career internships and various other opportunities that provide another means for students to experience learning outside of the classroom.

Upper School students recently traveled to a variety of interesting and engaging places of work to experience "learning" outside the classroom. Places of business such as Catalogic Software, Inc. (data protection), Exceptional Risk Advisors (insurance), Fertility Institute of NJ & NY and Hackensack Hospital (medicine), Mercedes Benz of Nanuet (car dealership), Stryker Corporation (engineering), and The BBQ Cleaner (entrepreneur) welcomed SRDS Upper School students for the day. Through this experience, they had the opportunity to listen and learn and see first-hand how concepts and skills being taught in the classroom were being applied to real world situations in the business world across many different disciplines. 

Saddle River Day School remains committed to offering innovative experiences outside the classroom like student internships in order to prepare our students for college and beyond.