Upper School Innovation Club Enters Design Competition for SourceAmerica

Upper School Innovation Club Enters Design Competition for SourceAmerica
Geoffrey Bowman

This year the SRDS Innovation club has entered into a design competition for SourceAmerica (https://www.sourceamerica.org/who-we-are).  From their website, SourceAmerica “connects the dots between precisely filled contract requirements, high-quality products and services, greater productivity, and employment opportunities for professionals with disabilities.”  The national competition encourages students to learn about the challenges people with disabilities face and design a product that may eliminate or diminish one or more of these challenges.  

Our two school teams consisting of 9th and 10th graders will be working to design and develop products for the company.  Under the guidance of Mr. Hickey and Ms. Kelly,  and the leadership of 9th-grade co-captains John-Luca H. and Michael P. and 10th-grade co-captains Drew S. and Drew R., our innovation teams hope to not only succeed in the national competition, but to provide some assistance to the disabled community.  Students meet in the evening virtually and look forward to demonstrating their engineering and design skills this spring at the competition.  

9th-grade members:  John-Luca H., Michael P., Kate P., Isabella W., Joseph M., John L., Maximillian R., Armaas, B., and David H.

10th-grade members:  Drew S., Drew R., Cole M., William F-P., Adam G., Aidan C., Richard M., Joseph S., and Aidan K.