SRDS Students Participate in International Hour of Code

SRDS Students Participate in International Hour of Code
Gretchen Lee

The goal of helping students understand that any device they use -- computers, phones, headphones, bluetooth speakers, digital watches, TVs, and more -- are all controlled by code written by humans. In 10-15 years, when SRDS students enter the workplace, many, if not most will likely come into contact with code. THEY will be the ones creating or changing the code that runs all their devices. Even if they aren't creating the code themselves, they may work with a company website, a digital product designer, complex databases, and more. As it turns out, there is actually a shortage of programmers and companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are seriously looking to hire young coders.
Knowing the world of code is another type of literacy, just like learning another language or learning to read music. It's another important skill that 21st-century learners need to develop. While many students aren't yet thinking about a career path, especially younger students, they should be thinking, even now, about what kinds of things they ENJOY doing or realize they are good at. Hour of Code is an opportunity to get a taste of what coding is like and reflect on whether it is something they may want to pursue. Classroom teachers graciously gave up one class period during the week to allow SRDS Technology teachers to introduce students to coding and the Hour of Code website as a further resource. 

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