SRDS Prepares Student-Athletes for Collegiate Level Play and Academic Demands

Gretchen Lee

These four outstanding young women will play DI basketball for the following universities: Michelle Sidor, University of Michigan; Jaida Patrick, Duke University; Jenna Jordan, Long Island University; Sydnei Caldwell, Arizona State University.

Over the history of athletics at SRDS, many student-athletes have gone on to continue to play at the collegiate level. However, in recent years under the direction of Athletic Director Danny Brown, this trend has increased. College coaches have placed SRDS student-athletes high on their priority list for multiple reasons.

In general, student-athletes possess a host of personal characteristics, traits, and values that have helped them thrive athletically. We believe the values taught through participation in athletics are an extension of those taught in the classroom at SRDS. Developing a strong work ethic, working as a member of a team, respect for leadership and peers, self-discipline, commitment, loyalty, perseverance, communication, accountability, conflict resolution, and pride in accomplishments are all life skills that a strong athletic program enhances. At SRDS, we encourage teens to think of themselves as student-athletes with the emphasis on “student” by valuing academic goals as a priority. We expect students to work equally as hard in their academic studies as in their athletic endeavors. In addition, students are encouraged to develop an identity beyond that of being an athlete. All of our students play an integral role in the community that is Saddle River Day School and no one piece is more important than any other.

Time management is undeniably the most difficult part of being a student-athlete. The ability to manage time and juggle all the academic and social demands of college life is a major challenge for every college student. But student-athletes have far more on their plate than most non-athletes, and when they reach college the plate becomes even fuller, with more intense conditioning and practices, a longer season with more competitions, increased travel away from campus, and other demands. Our students leave the halls of SRDS and go on well prepared to meet the demands of college life and beyond with great success. Recent matriculation includes highly competitive colleges such as UPenn, Stanford and Villanova where our alumni are thriving because they are prepared to meet those demands through their experiences at Saddle River Day.
In the end, our definition of “success” is not just about winning, but competing with passion and taking pride in our accomplishments while developing important life skills along the way. We remain vigilant in the pursuit of this definition of success and stay true to our mission as a school.

national signing day 2018 at SRDS
national signing day 2018 at SRDS