SRDS Performing Arts Department Presents "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

SRDS Performing Arts Department Presents "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
Geoffrey Bowman

At a time when most schools have had to cancel music and theater productions due to the pandemic, this past weekend the SRDS Performing Arts Department presented the ever-popular and seasonally-appropriate The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, for five outdoor performances.

Based on the American gothic classic by Washington Irving, the play follows Ichabod Crane, the new schoolmaster, and his rivalry with Brom Bones for the attention of Katrina Van Tassel, the daughter of the richest man in town.  But this isn’t an ordinary town and love story as the Tarrytown residents are terrorized by the purported headless ghost of a Hessian soldier killed during the Revolutionary War.  Will the superstitious Ichabod win the hand of Katrina or will he meet his end by the headless horseman?

The starring role of schoolmaster Ichabod Crane was played by Gillen Malanga '23.  Lead roles also included performances by Elizabeth Han ‘21 as Katrina Van Tassel, Alex Hollis ‘24 as Brom Bones, John Ligresti ‘24 as Billy Van Brunt, Delia David ‘21 as Clara Matling, Zoë Merola ‘22 as Bertha Van Ripper, Kate Peresvyetova ‘24 as Hans, Natalie Janowski ‘22 as Minnie Vanderblah, Deirdre Dasil ‘24 as Giddy Gripper, Avery Traver ‘21 as Baltus Van Tassel, Eli Weinger ‘22 as Constable, Celia Hernandez ‘23 as Tilly Van Ripper, Cameron Siegel ‘25 as Claude and Mr. Mac as the Mayor of Sleepy Hollow.

In addition, Stage Manager Charlotte Hibbert '23, Assistant Stage Manager/Lighting Alexandra Danieli '23, Sound Designer Bar Regev and Hair/Make-Up Designer Annika Ey did incredible work to outfit the cast and create the perfect, spooky outdoor setting for the production.

The show was produced by Tyler Capa and Erick Storckman and directed by Shereen Pimentel, who plays Maria in West Side Story on Broadway. With the sold-out shows outside, it was fun to bundle up and see the students adapt and put on a great performance.  A huge round of applause to everyone who helped make this a success and kept the performance going during this difficult time!