SRDS Introduces its Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)

Gretchen Lee

The launch of our new SRDS CENTER for INNOVATION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP (CIE) was a resounding success! Families engaged in pop-up interactive activities, discussions and the opportunity to see how SRDS promotes innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The program is designed to align with the Saddle River Day School’s mission to encourage students to be “intellectual risk takers” and “caring and ethical contributors to society." The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, under the direction of Science Department Chair Anastasia Kelly, will work to enhance our academic environment with meaningful projects and programs that encourage students to examine issues in the community and the world, and to see these issues as opportunities for innovation, design and entrepreneurship. It will allow for more project based, student centered learning and cross-divisional collaboration in the classroom. It will enhance popular applied learning courses and programs already in place such as Engineering and Design, Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Digital Citizenship and Fluency, and create new programs and curriculum that help prepare students to succeed and thrive in life.

For further information on CIE and to view images from the event: