Spotlight on Success: Kayla Oge '16 is Taking Civic Responsibility Seriously

Gretchen Lee

After graduating from SRDS in 2016, Kayla Oge discovered a passion for civics during her college years. She is currently completing coursework with the Colin Powell School for Civic & Global Leadership semester program as part of her requirements at The City College of New York. The semester long program offers students an outstanding opportunity to live, work, and study in the nation's capital. Students spend the spring semester interning at a government agency or nonprofit organization while completing 12 credits, including two special courses designed just for them and taught in D.C. The program also provides a series of guest lectures, organizes cultural activities, and sponsors networking events.

Kayla has begun her internship with the National Disability Rights Network working on issues and legislation regarding health care, the ADA & Civil Rights. She will also be involved in the Raise the Age Act that was introduced in both the House and the Senate recently. Kayla will be attending meetings on Capitol Hill, working to ensure that there is legislation protecting and advocating for individuals with disabilities and fighting to ensure their rights are not abused.

Kayla says that SRDS prepared her for the challenges of college in all areas. She has had a highly successful collegiate volleyball career so far and has had to learn the skill of balancing her athletic and her academic requirements. While she was a student at SRDS, Kayla played Varsity volleyball and basketball each year, so she was used to maintaining that balance early on.  The thing she misses the most is the close interaction she had with her teachers and coaches. Her long-term goals include the possibility of staying in the D.C. area and continued involvement in our government to "make a difference where she can." We wish her all the best and look forward to watching her progress along the journey!