Saurav Trivedi ‘25 Accepted to Columbia University Academic Immersion Program     

Gretchen Lee

The Columbia University Academic Immersion program is a highly selective program open to academically exceptional high school students, grades 9–12. Through the Academic Year Immersion program, high schoolers prepare for the college experience through exploratory online coursework and community activities over ten weekends in the fall and spring. As a program participant, students learn from scholars and practitioners who are experts in their fields, build a community of lifelong connections, participate in world-class co-curricular activities and differentiate themselves with a Columbia Certification of Participation and personalized evaluation letter.
Saurav Trivedi ‘25 -- a lifer at SRDS who began in Kindergarten -- applied and was accepted to the highly competitive program for the year 2021-2022. In Saurav’s own words: “I decided to apply to this program because it was academically rigorous and gave me the opportunity to be educated in various subjects by Columbia professors and experienced professionals in their fields. The program is really tailored for students who are above average academically, even though they did not require a specific GPA to apply. The application process required me to write an essay in response to a prompt that was provided, and submit a letter of recommendation from one of my teachers. I am hoping to gain valuable insight into various fields from this program. For the fall session, I am taking a class in marketing and I will continue to take other offerings through next summer. Grades are not assigned in the program; students who finish a course will get a participation certificate and an evaluation letter.”
Saurav also says, “I feel that Saddle River Day School has helped me grow as a person and achieve my goals, both academically and personally. In lower school, I knew that this was the right school for me because my teachers pushed me to try harder and strive to achieve more and reach my potential. SRDS is committed to providing a strong education and more to the students. Even during the pandemic, they made sure to remain open and provide the best possible experience for their students, despite so many challenges. Not only were we able to reopen safely, we were also able to enjoy a very memorable year together.
I enjoy going to school here because of the outstanding teachers, the friendly environment, and the various opportunities at the school. At Saddle River Day, students are proud of their school. There is a ‘friendship’ between all of the students regardless of the grade. As a lifer, I can confidently say that my school provides important life skills necessary for success in high school, college, and beyond. In the coming years, I will be excited to see how SRDS builds upon their friendly environment and tradition of excellence.”

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