Saddle River Day School awarded prestigious Edward E. Ford Foundation Traditional Grant

Lynn McCormack

Saddle River Day School has been granted $100,000 by the Edward E. Ford Foundation in support of its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This highly selective Grant is awarded to schools “for direct application to program initiatives in support of faculty, students or the development of the educational program.”

Founded in 1957, the mission of the Edward E. Ford Foundation is “to improve secondary education by supporting US independent schools and encouraging promising practices.” Over the past 60+ years, the Foundation has awarded more than 2,200 grants to over 900 different schools totaling approximately $125,000,000.

Applying for a Traditional Grant and receiving placement on the Board Agenda is a detailed, rigorous and highly competitive process. Requirements for consideration include a proposal with supporting documents, meetings with the Head of School, campus visitations and interviews with faculty, staff and students.

Receiving an E.E. Ford Grant is quite an accomplishment. To provide some perspective, Saddle River Day School submitted 9 applications over the past 40 years. The only other grant received was in 1979, in the amount of $25,000.

The 2022 Traditional Grant will be used to fund staffing and program enhancements to the school’s Center For Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This innovative program encourages students to examine issues in the community and the world and see these issues as opportunities for innovation, design and entrepreneurship. It allows for more project-based, student-centered learning and cross-divisional collaboration in the classroom.

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