SRDS Robotics Program Leads in NE Edge Conference

Gretchen Lee

The SRDS RoboRebels robotics program is back this year and the students have been working hard. They are currently competing in the FTC Freight Frenzy challenge. This tech challenge requires the team to design a robot that can complete a variety of tasks in order to score points. RoboRebels have focused their game plan around picking up pieces of freight and loading them onto shipping docks. 

The team has participated in two competitions so far this season. The first competition was held at Don Bosco where the RoboRebels had a decent showing in their 5 matches and finished in 7th place. The second competition was held at Cliffside Park Middle School where they finished in first place! In addition, the RoboRebels are sitting at the top of the leaderboard in the league for the NE Edge Conference!

Their next competition is on January 15th. Over the next month the team will continue to make changes to their robots based on their previous performance in hopes that they can hold the top spot in their conference. 

The RoboRebels are coached by Steve Osvold, Middle & Upper School Science Teacher and Basel Arafat, Computer Science Teacher, who are incredibly proud of the team and their growth and look forward to building upon this foundation toward additional successful competitions.