Saddle River Day Hosts Eighth Annual Threes for Sandy Hook

Gretchen Lee

“We had no idea when we started this what it would be or what it would become,” said Jeremy O’Connell, coach of the Newtown girls basketball team. “It’s now formed such a huge bond between Newtown and Saddle River Day School that we consider them part of our family and we look forward to this every year.”

The relationship between Saddle River Day and Newtown was born from the persistence of Danny Brown, athletic director and coach of the Saddle River Day girls basketball team, who called Newtown High School “about 8,000 times" to contact O’Connell about a partnership. Now eight years later, the bond is stronger than ever.
This year, there was a full weekend of games with local middle school travel teams, including the main event benefit game where the Lady Rebels took on the Newtown Nighthawks.

For further information regarding the Threes for Sandy Hook Foundation and how to get involved:
Threes for Sandy Hook website

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