Promoting an Entrepreneurial Mindset at Saddle River Day

Gretchen Lee

Stop for a minute and imagine your child as a successful adult. What will that look like? More importantly, how will they get there? At Saddle River Day School, our mission is to educate each individual child so they can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and compassion. SRDS students are encouraged to be intellectual risk takers and global citizens who are caring and ethical contributors to society.

We promote an entrepreneurial mindset from our youngest Pre-K students all the way up to the seniors we launch into the world each May. This means that students are given the luxury to think deeply about problems, the space to try new solutions, and the support to keep trying if at first they don’t succeed. SRDS is a place where teachers say, “Hey that’s a great idea” and then have the time and enthusiasm to help students examine, clarify and refine that idea; whether they are building a block tower, solving an equation, constructing a robot, reciting a monologue or writing an essay. Learning at SRDS feels safe so students are willing to take on challenges, try new things, collaborate, and work hard to overcome obstacles.

The path for each child is going to be different. Saddle River Day School sees each child as their own unique self. We provide the educational foundation, thought leadership, and inspiration that help each student develop themselves into innovators, thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners.