Love of Learning in the Lower School

Love of Learning in the Lower School
Geoffrey Bowman

At all grade levels, our teachers look to inspire critical thinking and develop a love of learning.  This is best done in a classroom setting that allows students to engage and explore topics in different ways.

How do we make learning engaging and fun in Lower School?  

The First Grade read “How to Bake a Book” by author Ella Burfoot and discussed what “ingredients” they would need to make great writers. Throughout the year they will use those ingredients to write lots of stories and books. Check out these "Writing Chefs!"


The 4th Grade had a "Book Tasting" last week in their classroom. Students were provided with 20-25 titles that are considered the best middle-grade novels of the 21st century.

They set up the classroom as the "4th Grade Cafe," including bistro-style music and a special snack. The children had three minutes to read the summaries on the back or inside cover and the first few pages of the book. At the end of the three minutes, the students reflected on the books and decided whether or not they would be interested in reading the entire book. They compiled a list of the books they found interesting to read throughout the course of the school year during the six rotations of "tasting" books.

After the book tasting, the children were able to do some flashlight reading of their new books!