It's the Start of Something New!

Beth Meleski

Every year, the opening of school brings a new schedule, new school supplies, and best of all, the new faces of the students and their families who have joined the Saddle River Day School community. This year, there will be even more faces than usual as SRDS welcomes the largest group of incoming first year students in our history. 

The reasons for choosing Saddle River Day School are as diverse and unique as our students themselves. But some of the things families have shared as differentiators in the crowded field of independent and private schools in this area are that they loved our small class sizes, they were impressed with our college placement outcomes, they were excited by our challenging curriculum and one-of-a-kind enrichment opportunities, and they appreciated our commitment to seeing and valuing each child as an individual. The best thing we’ve heard from families, and we hear it all the time, is “SRDS just felt like home."

So this year, we are thrilled to welcome over 140 new students to Saddle River Day School across the three divisions. The 2022-2023 school year starts with record high enrollment at SRDS! Our students come to us from all over Northern New Jersey and parts of New York state. Our new students are thinkers, athletes, artists, creators, innovators, and disrupters. They are lively, bold, curious, intelligent, interested, and interesting. They are, in short, the profile of exactly the kind of student who succeeds at SRDS and improves our community with their special gifts and talents.

Over the next few months, we will have many opportunities for our new and returning families to meet and mingle. Our Head of School, Jalaj Desai, has resumed the Parent Coffees that began on Thursday, September 8th. In September, we also hosted in person Back-to-School Nights for each division and of course, Homecoming is right around the corner on October 1st. We’re so proud of each member of our community. We can’t wait for you all to get to know each other too. Welcome back!