Mission & Strategic Vision

Work on the strategic initiatives for our school continues, but the vision remains steadfast since its founding by the Alford family in 1957.

Since the founding of Saddle River Day School in 1957, our commitment to the academic education and the social/emotional well-being of our students has remained unwavering. Decades of dedicated teachers, administrators and trustees have devoted themselves to our Mission and Core Values, making Saddle River Day School the excellent school that it is today.

Our newest Strategic Vision, which was created with the input of all constituencies, recognizes that education is not a static endeavor, but one that must constantly adjust to the fluid world in which we live. It must be responsive to the current needs of the students, not only to provide them with the best education possible, but to lay a strong foundation for their future.

Please dedicate some time to reading our collective visions for the next few years at Saddle River Day School. Some sections are intentionally open ended so that we can adjust to our rapidly changing world; we are committed to making sure that our students are learning the skills they will need not only for college but also for the world they will step into once they finish their formal education.

Ted Tafaro

President Board of Trustees



mission and core values

Our Strategic Vision is designed to create a foundation on which all our students can build their lives.

 SRDS Strategic Vision