Saddle River Day School inspires each child to achieve personal and academic excellence
and to become a caring and ethical contributor to society.  


Saddle River Day School Continues to Expand Learning Opportunities for Students

After a seamless pivot to 100% remote learning nearly a year ago, Saddle River Day School committed to ensuring that the all-important components of a holistic SRDS experience would be reinstated as robustly as possible for the 2020-2021 academic year, both in person when allowed and virtually. We continually provided our students with opportunities for academic engagement and expression outside of the classroom. In addition, we saw this as an opportunity to launch new programs and grow our curriculum. As was the case in the spring, we see a challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Saddle River Day School: A Master Class in Re-Opening Success

“Stay safe.” “Be well.” This is the way we end our emails, zoom calls and masked encounters with friends around town these days. Those words were also the guiding principle last summer as the Saddle River Day School administration, faculty and staff began to plan for the return to school in August. They knew that, as their families have invested their time, talents and resources in the school, it was important that the school invest just as heavily in the successful transition of students back on to campus.  After nearly four months of in-person learning, SRDS has proven that its parents made a wise investment. 

Saddle River Day School Offers College Counseling that Empowers Students for Success

If there is one thing that parents know when they enroll their children at Saddle River Day School, it’s that they’ve put their kids in good hands. From world class educators and thought leaders who maintain the highest academic standards, to Chef Mark, to an administration that models, supports and encourages innovation and creativity, the team at Saddle River Day School prepares students for a future we can only imagine.  This vision-in-action becomes particularly clear when students in the Upper School begin their college search process.