Dear Friends and Families,

Welcome to the Saddle River Day School website. I hope that you find the information contained here informative, thought provoking and inspiring, for those are the goals of a Saddle River Day School education.

Having spent close to three decades now working in schools, I have been around long enough to watch education evolve from the acquisition of information to a much more sophisticated system of thinking and communication. Technological advancements have made information the cheapest commodity on the planet; it is available at our fingertips all day long. It has now become imperative for schools to teach children what to do with information: how to analyze, synthesize and ultimately, evaluate the validity of that information and the conclusions we draw from it.

Meanwhile, the children entrusted to our care will enter a highly competitive working environment when they finish their formal education; an environment that will require them to be adaptable, decisive, resilient and committed. At the rate our world is changing it is simply not possible to say with any certainty what these children’s world will look like in ten, twenty or thirty years.

At Saddle River Day School we are passionately committed to prepare our students not only for college, but for life beyond formal education. We maintain small class sizes and excellent teacher-student ratios so that we can help each child realize his or her potential with confidence. We challenge each student as an individual, knowing that every person acquires skills and maturity at a different pace; at each step of growth the mind needs to encounter ideas, demands and expectations to continue a trajectory to intellectual excellence. We help our students engage in intellectual risk taking at all ages by caring deeply for them as the individuals they are, by nurturing their souls as well as challenging their minds.

We expect our students to achieve, and they do. They achieve in an atmosphere of personal care, strong teacher student bonds, and intellectual challenge.

Enjoy perusing our website; then I hope you will come and visit us and see all that you read here come to life in our classrooms and hallways.

Sincerely yours,

Eileen Lambert
Head of School